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by The Pen Saga

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This is a story. The girl wants a pen. This is what you know for sure about the story. But there is a game. You have to guess the story. Email your guesses to:
And then go to vote on them at:
Unless you wanna be a square or something!
Well, actually, in all honesty, I wouldn't hold it against you if you just listened.


released June 21, 2012



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The Pen Saga Colorado Springs, Colorado

She just wants a pen.

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Track Name: Caller Number Ten
There is a girl
Who walked down the hall
She left the world
She held a letter
But she doesn't own a pen

There is a girl
There is a mask on the wall
In the room that she went in
The room that she saw
And she would be that animal
But she just wants a pen

There is a girl
And then there's the world
It's so gray, it's so gray, it's so gray
She wanted some color
But she didn't own a prayer

So, there was a fire
But no one knows why
I heard on the radio
Yeah, I'm glad no one really died
But please send my regards to caller number nine
Track Name: Slept In A Mill
Em | Em | Bm | Bm |
There is a city at
The bottom of the hill
At one point there worked a
Great old mill
But it's been abandoned
Save three souls
The girl, a man, and an
Ancient ghost
He starts a fire so
They can keep warm
She laughed as kept a
Whispered storm
Cause she is a city
At the bottom of the hill
At one point there worked a
Great old mill

Em | G | C | Bm

You don't know me
You don't know my name
You don't know me
But look here, it's my face
Would you show me
How to start a flame?
Would you show me?
I need to play this game
Need to play this...

Em | Em | Bm | Bm
There is a city and
There is a mill
There is a man there who
Sleeps on pills
But he's been abandoned
Save his soul
She gave a blanket he
Looked so cold
She still held a letter
So he lent his pen
But to no avail there was no
Ink in it


Bb | Em | F

You don't want me
Not this city
I am heading east
Till I fall
I carved my name
Into the tree
But I'm forgetting how to read
Since I fell down

She fell down, and she ran and ran for miles and miles, searching for some kind of peace of mind.